As consumers increasingly purchase healthier food and beverages, there is a need for a healthier energy drink with wider appeal. One that offers long-lasting energy, no detrimental health implications, and no crash.

With people’s fast-paced lifestyles, it is increasingly difficult to get them to keep up with their daily doses of herbal-based remedies. Cottonmouth is the answer: Its remedial effects are good for combating dry mouth (hence the name Cottonmouth), fatigue and dehydration, hangovers, to name a few benefits – and great-tasting drink. It is safe to consume in high quantities and for extended periods of time.

COTTONMOUTH is a unique, all-natural, caffeine free energy drink formulated by licensed practitioners of Chinese herbology with over fifty years of experience. This unique tonic follows the traditional herbal paradigm of health by balancing the needs of the entire body. With its blend of the finest natural ingredients, and an exclusive extraction process, COTTONMOUTH builds energy, without the use of chemicals or random stimulants. Because COTTONMOUTH uses natural botanicals, it adds genuine energy to the body without creating the “crash”, which is commonly found with other energy drinks. The perfect blend of palatable ingredients creates a crisp and appealing taste like no other drink on the market. COTTONMOUTH also comes in a “No Sugar Added” version sweetened with stevia.